Do it once – The secret to starting

Have you ever had a new idea for something you want to create only to convince yourself not to because you’ve never done it before?

“I don’t know how to do that.”

“I’ve never tried.”

“What if I suck?”

These are all excuses and, frankly, are getting in the way of you getting on with reaching and working towards your goals. When you start hearing these responses from your mind in response to an idea, stop yourself and respond to that question that comes up:

“Have you ever done this before?”


“No, but watch this”

The only way to get over the issue of never having done something before is to simply do it once. From that single action, you’re no longer waiting to start, you’re a beginner and have work under your belt. You can now answer if you’ve done it before with a resounding yes.

Every journey needs a first step

Do you think Frodo and co would have made it to Mordor if they hadn’t even left the Shire? Would Rocky have beaten Ivan Drago if he had never even visited a boxing gym for the very first time?

No. So why are you different? You need to start showing up.

When you have those new ideas of sparks of inspiration, take them and action them into something that pushes you towards the next steps in your overall goals. Want to improve your arsenal, add new tools for your new ideas and always keep taking step after step on the path to success? You have to start first.

Show up often

Once you’ve made those first steps you need to take the next few shaky steps until you get the idea of constantly moving forwards down, it’s like learning to walk or to ride a bike. You need to experiment and tinker, fall over hundreds of times, and sometimes even break bones; but battered and bruised you get there. It’s the same with basically anything else, be it business, fighting, bartending, or design. If you don’t take action regularly to learn and improve, you’ll never reach the goal; you can’t run before you can walk.

By showing up often you defeat those doubts that nag at you and always have the next movement to focus on.

I personally write daily on Medium and to my Newsletter, this continual action means I’m continually pushing towards the next level and practising my craft. I’ve recently started showing up on Dribbble with daily design concepts again too; I want to make sure I’m always keeping my skills sharp and learning new things.

This is the same exact you need to harbour if you’re hoping to be a success and beat the odds of escaping mediocrity, you have to train every day to be a champion. But first, you have to show up once. Get to it.

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