“Do what you love”

You’ve heard it all before right? I assume so. The kinds of messaging I mentioned in the subtitle are all too common online. Jargon filled promises that give unreasonable expectations and results.

Something people often overlook is that a large portion of the success stories online you see aren’t a case of grinding, hustle, or even the usual suspect of luck – They are a result of absolute and resolute passion. Human beings working consistently in a single direction that they truly care about, and then sticking to the plan they make and showing up day after day.

Sure, you can start a trendy new company tomorrow, something guaranteed to get press coverage and early adopters… but if you don’t give a damn about what you’re doing, in time you’ll find it hard to become motivated or commit your time to continuing on that journey. While it may make you money or get you some online followers in the short term, you’re not likely to be able to slog through something you don’t want to do forever. It will drain you; you’ll burn out and give up.

Instead, think about what you have the patience for, what has been a recurring passion of yours. Something you’ll be willing to wait around to work, email everyone in the world about, and constantly be considering that audience you’ll solve a problem for, rather than keeping the focus solely on yourself. Something you’ll be happy to work on every single day (yes, even weekends).

Make sure what you’re working towards is your passion and something that will get you out of bed every day. Otherwise it’ll be a long, long journey you’ll look back on and regret. Don’t get me wrong, making a living from your passion is a slow and arduous process. You’ll need to build networks and hear the word “no” a thousand times. But if you remember that trends come and go, but passion and what you love is more lasting, you’ll have an easier time pushing through those hard times.

By going all in and fully committing to your goal and the journey you need to follow, you make yourself accountable. There’s no ramping up or gradual change. It’s either action, or laziness.

Keep in mind where you want to be and your personal growth, as well as how you can help people execute their vision and you’ll be on a good path.

Stay true.

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