Ego Centered Design

Designing for the wrong audience is disastrous. If you create with the wrong persona in mind, it won’t work for them, or you’ll end up lost and waiting around for people to show up. Instead, focus on those you will impact and help the most, rather than your own ego, or the opinions of others who aren’t in the audience.

Too many spend time creating for their colleagues rather than the clients they seek.

This is all too common in the design industry. Places like Dribbble and Behance have built entire communities around it, where creatives make rafts of content solely for other designers.

Stop it.

No, honestly, you’re wasting your time.

Lost in the Noise

Platforms focused solely on micro-trends and the tastes of others are never going to work for 95% of people. The success stories you hear are mostly outliers, and the most likely outcome from sharing often on these kinds of website is you put in a lot of work for little result.

This is especially more prevalent in the era we live in at present. Where reams and reams of new ideas, content and creations are pushed out onto the web every single day, you become lost in the noise. Bad news.

Find Your Voice

To avoid sharing your work into the empty void, you’ve got to know who you’re helping and the benefits you provide to them. Identifying the value you provide means you always know what to be sharing and the things you need to get out into the world consistently. This basis and foundation give you a place to build your identity and voice from. Fundamentals to improve and iterate on based on the feedback you get from those you hope to help.

That’s how relationships are built. Trust-driven communication based on value. By showing you provide value, you are able to gain more trust, and as a result, more time and likelihood that someone will become a customer. If you’re silent waiting for some divine intervention, you’re not getting yourself out there with the people who could potentially benefit from what you make.

You’re being lazy. You’re missing out.

Instead, find what you actually want to talk about. Then it won’t feel so stressful. I promise.

When you know what you believe in, and are passionate about, you must dedicate yourself to it, and in turn, you get the secret codes to productivity and sharing consistently.

Those who get work out there consistently have come to terms with the difficulties and know the issues you’re seeking to solve. You know your passion. You’ve just got to find how you can use it to make someone else a better person.

I met a lady recently, old enough to be my mother, she was lovely. She understood what was important to her and was endlessly committed to it. She believed the government was working against her, that they held the secrets to her happiness, and they put chemicals into the air to manipulate us.

Most people would call her crazy. But I admired her steadfast attitude and how little she cared about the opinion of others.

She has the secret to sharing her thoughts down to a tee. We should all be like that lady I met by accident. In committing to what she believed in, she was able to construct her entire persona around what she actually cared about. What she is able to speak about at length, and show her passion naturally, rather than feeling forced.

Find your voice and use it to share what you care about. Until people tell you to stop or call you crazy. Then keep going.

Moving Forwards

When you understand those you’re hoping to help or impact, you can validate every decision you make, and all the work you put out there to better serve your customers. This drive lets you always be creating and building for those you hope to help. Instead of wasting your time designing or creating for colleagues or other designers, you make for your audience and what they enjoy and care about.

When you only focus on those who care about or follow you, for the trends, you open your ecosystem to users who will only visit once, be hyper-critical, and not convert or become a customer. That’s no use.

Find those things you can entice people on with find ways to continually help and provide value to those who show interest, it will lead to profit and the success you hold to achieve. Get the permission, then make it crystal clear and obvious why that person should pick you to help.

Forget your ego. Create for others constantly. Keep going and improving, and you’ll get the results you dreamed of and desired.

Don’t stop.

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