Growth Through Constant Sharing

Design and making are about what you show; rather than just how you show it. We live in a noisy world, a constant stream of shit pushed to us online in various form factors and from all angles. It is why spending too much time perfecting, polishing and overdoing your content ideas is a terrible idea. It ends up being time wasted that would be better served executing and refining your new ideas.

This constant forward motion is vital in putting out quality things that people care about, at a frequency that won’t lose the attention of your audience. When sharing online, too many people get gun shy and don’t share everything they can – this hinders you, your product and your future. I guarantee it. Without getting things out there and making mistakes, you cannot progress.

Off of the top of your head, name me some Shakespeare works…

Romeo & Juliet




Are you struggling yet?

The reason the top few works of Shakespeare are so well known is not just because of his genius and sheer ability with prose; it was his consistency. In his 28-year career, he published 39 plays, 154 sonnets, and over a thousand poems. Some of those were trashed by critics and are even looked upon poorly today, some middled out in normality, and a handful became the legendary works known worldwide today.

Once you know who it’s for and what needs to be in it, you have a great idea of what things look like – so when you have a relevant idea, don’t waste extra time trying for that last couple of percent every single time, just get it out there and get to your new original ideas.

i’ve spoken in the past about not putting out shit into the world and the considerable importance of polish, and while those cries are well founded, there must be a balance. Polish is for products and things that are used time and time again. Whereas in your content, you are just providing a lens or an opinion with your technical spin, to provide the most value.

Your ideas are waiting to be shared with the world.

It doesn’t matter if you help one or two people, or one or two million, it’s helping either way and you should be proud of that. Every drop of opinion, curation and creation that you share gives depth to you, lets you improve, and increases your odds of making a big hit or landing that next exciting client or customer that could propel you even further forwards.

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