How To Be Consistently Creative

Releasing creative work of any kind on a regular basis is challenging and requires a certain amount of drive and commitment. That’s not even taking into account creative blocks and the occasions where you “don’t feel like it”. Instead of pushing towards your dreams and the results you want, you sit and watch Netflix or rush through your work. So you can finally take that time to relax.

Sounds pretty normal right?

I’ve got some bad news, if you want to be successful; you cannot be normal. You have to be different and build a mindset around showing up and dedicating the time to honing your craft. You must always be progressing further down the path to your goals.

Creativity can be fickle. It has a tendency to strike as the most inopportune times. Like as you’re about to fall asleep, or when you’re walking around far from your workstation or laptop. The good news is you can remedy this inconsistency through two things:


Hard work.

Planning Is Powerful

Everything worth doing is worth planning out and researching first. It might seem like the most effective approach would be to dive right in and get started. But the likely result of this will be half finished ideas and concepts that never see the light of day.

How many times have you started a new side project, got the domain and started designing the logo or website only for things to fizzle out and ultimately be a waste of your time and creative power?

Probably way more times than you’d be proud to admit.

It’s all too common to get that big rush of inspiration, get a bunch done and then never work on the idea again. It’s a tale as old as time and one of the main reasons that some creatives never succeed in the way they had hoped to.

To counteract this, it is vital that you plan out your idea and confirm that it’s valid. Then break that single goal down into the actionable steps you must take. It’s then a case of following the procedure and script you have made for yourself, to reach the goals you dream of achieving.

With that plan in place, you’re able to know exactly what to be doing when you’ve got those free moments or big sparks of inspiration to push towards your goals. Following through on the commitments you’ve planned will propel you in the direction of your vision. It also means you’ll have a lens to check new ideas through and purge what isn’t going to push you forwards.

Hard Work Pays Off

There’s no magic formula you can follow for success that doesn’t involve showing up and getting the work done. Even after breaking your goal down into the granular steps you must take to reach it. You’ve still got to actually harness those moments of creative power and turn them into results. Following the game plan you’ve created and taking action towards it as often as possible is how you stop holding back or only half finishing things, so you can get to executing on your vision.

The plan you’ve made means you’ll never need to ask “what should I be doing?” and instead can flip the switch to take action, instead of missing or wasting opportunities.

Creativity is like a muscle. If you work it out as often as possible you’ll be all the more effective with it. The only way to get that growth is through constant and continual use.

No Work Means No Results

It seems simple but if you aren’t constantly getting new work out into the world, people will forget you or not engage in the way you hoped when you eventually get around to releasing something. I’ve suffered from this myself, not getting my work out consistently enough or committing as hard as I know I should be.

Yet, when I’m consistently getting work out there and pushing myself out of my comfort zone I find that creativity is easier to summon. I’m able to refine and execute the plans I have made and be responsible for the results.

Keep this in mind with your own work and keep planning and pushing yourself forwards. It is the only way you defeat the blocks that hinder you and your creativity.

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