Start Oversharing Today, It Will Save Your Career

The word “oversharing” used to have connotations of giving way too much information when talking about your life, or telling a story; it used to feel negative. However, I’m not sure it should have such a lousy spin…

The modern era has gotten noisy. Real noisy. Go online, and you’re greeted with a tidal wave of information, content and opinions. Because of this, oversharing has gone from being frowned upon, to be the norm and something you have to do to cut through all the racket.

Constant communication reminds people you exist, and provides more opportunities for your work and message to be seen, which you need to be successful; as a result, sharing consistently online is wildly essential to your ultimate success.

If you don’t share what you create, it doesn’t matter the quality of your work — you will be damned to be unnoticed among the noise, and no one gets to see what you worked online or even an opportunity to care.

That sucks.

Instead, take the time to understand how sharing work online works, this can be done by simply taking a quick look around the web — you’ll quickly realise that constant content isn’t only for spammy accounts any more. Even well-loved brands like ProductHunt are sharing upwards of 10 updates per day. It is what needs to be done to cut through the noise and get your voice out there, and it actually be heard.

There will be haters, unfollowers and people who tell you that you’re the worst or a spammer, this is par for the course, and in fact, I’ve found that if this isn’t happening there’s a problem and you aren’t promoting anywhere near enough.

In my career, I’ve too often been nervous about posting my work and getting my opinions out there. Only sharing things once online and being shy to continue sharing because of what people might say… But I’ve discovered four words that let you be yourself and smash imposter syndrome in the face:

Screw what people say.

Unless your customers and target audience are the ones complaining, pay no attention and remember that every update and piece of work you put out is another potential opportunity, it’s another building block of content someone might see and join your ecosystem. That could be the person who pays your bills for the next few months.

Stop being shy. If you aren’t sharing, you’re stagnating. People are bored. Excite them.

Take advantage of the opportunities the era you were born into provides so openly; your parents and grandparents did not have the same vast landscape in which to create, the internet.

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