The Only Thing Stopping You, Is You

It’s hard to keep to a schedule, your habits, and always be working towards your goal. No, really. Showing up day after day is tough, I get it. But do you ever feel like you’re not pushing enough towards what you really want?

You get home from work, or school, relax, watch TV, and go to sleep. This is the pattern most follow, but you can be different. It’s all a question of mindset and knowing what you’re working towards and following the journey on the map you make, instead of waiting around, listening to the opinions of others, and missing all your chances.

You’ve got to start showing up.

Sure, you’ve had a couple of ideas, they’ve sat half finished or never released. You had that big rush and got a lot of it done, but then never worked on it again. You still have to trust a day job or clients that suck to keep up with the bills every month. But I’m here to tell you that you’ve got to pick a single goal, make a plan, and go all into planning it out properly, and then following the procedure, one small step at a time.

Going all in, and getting yourself out there is how you propel yourself in the direction of your dreams. Here’s what you’ve been missing:


You’re holding yourself back.

What are your dreams? Your priorities? What actions and steps are you taking every single day to get closer to those goals?

How you create, stick to and measure your steps towards your bigger goals makes all the difference. Once you break things down to that granular level and get your priorities broken down into small steps, you follow every day. Finding this gameplay means you’re no longer able to hold yourself back by wondering about “What should I be doing?”

By having an action to keep in mind, and take every day, then tracking and then measuring your progress, you find out what your superpowers are. I wrote a guide on finding your superpowers you can get for free here.

The process I myself follow is one I designed to push me out of my comfort zone and flip my mindset.

Every single day. I have to publish at least one new article and newsletter.

By flipping this switch to releasing something new every day, I forced myself to always be taking action and no longer feel like I’m missing opportunities and chances.

Continually showing up and knowing the results each day should hold at a bare minimum to be a success means I spend less time stuck overthinking what to do, or how I should do it. I stop my overanalysing and get to working towards what I myself dream of achieving.

When you know what you want to reach and achieve. There’s really no excuse not to be taking at least a little bit of action to get towards it every day. Find what it is you should be doing and map it out, then follow the script, keep a log of how you do, and look back from the pinnacle when you reach it.

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