Train. Fight. Rest. Learn. Repeat.

Success in boxing is hard. You’ve got to combine your natural strengths into something that makes you unique and then condition yourself through learning and improving your secret weapons and skills.

It’s exactly the same in business and life.

It doesn’t matter if you run a design business of one, are trying to share more content online, or you’re working to have a more successful marriage, it all comes down to conditioning and learning to get your skills to perfection for the important moments.

You’ve got to prepare for fights.

When conditioning yourself and learning, you need to always be finding your processes and training the combinations, patterns and triggers you need to instinctively act on.

  • When he throws a left jab I block and counter.
  • If he switches stances, I switch too and close range.

These “if then” statements are how the brain finds its patterns. How can you apply these kinds of triggers to your work and progress?

  • When I get back home, I write and publish an article.
  • If I get a coffee, I record a five minute podcast and share it.

By working out these conditions, you simply find ways to act on instinct, rather than overcomplicating things – which will only lead to you making mistakes.

Building Up To The Fight

You yourself are training, honing your skills and building triggers for something; be it getting a client, releasing a product, or getting a larger paid piece of content out there. Treat this like training for a fight, a cumulative result of your daily actions and work.

If you were working towards a fight, you’d find the daily actions and training you need to take part in and complete, and then also periodically work on sparring to test what you’ve learned.

A good metaphor in the digital product space to use for sparring is free content that you ask for an email address or share in exchange for. Sparring too much will hurt you and cause long term problems, focus on balancing it all out. It’s the same with permission driven content, ask too much too often and you’ll injure your reputation.

But without sparring, you get no experience of the environment of the fight. This will lead to overthinking and you’ll end up overwhelmed come fight night.

Speak of the devil… it’s time to ring the bell.

Fight Night

The fight – the big action and something you’ve worked on daily and built up to. The culmination of all your training and practice.

Getting to this point with any of the previous steps left incomplete, or if you’ve only trained once every few days, maybe once a week, will almost certainly lead to you losing the fight.

In the online world, losing the fight is your work going completely unnoticed and lost in the shuffle, ultimately it passes someone by without them wanting to purchase or buy what you offer.

To be prepared for the fight, you need to work those muscles and show up every single day, push through the injuries and do the hard work to get ready to achieve the results you seek.

Fight as often as you feel ready. With good planning you’ll win often, but only a very special 0.001% go undefeated, you will lose and it will suck. But you have to get back up and keep going. Learn from the mistakes, plan your next moves, and keep training to improve for the next fight…

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