Why I’m Posting an App Design A Day

As I mentioned in my post on this new blog, I’m going to be upping the frequency of my posting again. A big part of that will be my return to Dribbble and a new Instagram account. Where I will be sharing an app design every single day from now on.

I’ve used this method of posting every day with blogging before, but found it overwhelming alongside my design work. The lesson I learned from that first failure is: I was trying to both learn and use a skill simultaneously alongside other commitments and tasks that were in a completely different headspace.

This time around I’ve decided to select a daily task that uses the skill I have most perfected over my career. Design.

Unlike with writing (where I’m yet to make much money at all), I’ve been making a living using my design skills for over a decade now. Because of that, I can use those talents without draining myself too much. That was the problem I found with the daily writing challenge; sometimes I just couldn’t find the ideas or solutions I needed. Something that has never really been a problem with me when it comes to design. So I thought, why not use that drive to get back to daily posting, but with some tweaks to make sure I can follow through on it this time around.

Remembering to Plan

After getting to that decision I stopped myself from my usual habit of diving in and instead took a step back to further refine the idea. I had in the past when committing to posting conceptual design work on Dribbble and the like, not planned things as well as I should have. Ending up with too vague of a direction.

To avoid this lack of focus, I decided to take the rough plan of “post a design every day” and take a little bit more time to refine things down another level. So that there’s still room to explore, but fences and limits are in place to keep things contained and preventing them from running wild.

I decided to go solely with iOS apps.

An Abundance of Ideas

I went with iOS apps as they represent the cutting edge of UI design and the large variety will mean there’s always new ideas to be working on for practice. That’s the overarching goal I’m working towards with this exercise. To practice and improve my skills and build a regular schedule of getting my work out there.

Going Forwards

I’m already five days into posting the apps and I’ve been enjoying it a lot so far. There’s no set timeframe on this and I’ll be posting every day over on Dribbble and Instagram. Give me a follow over on one of those networks to keep up with my progress!

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