Weekly Update 001 – Foundations

Hey there! I hope you’ve had a great start to 2020 and enjoyed the time off. It’s time to get back to work, and it’s also time for the first issue of my update series. For this first week, let’s get the foundations in place.

How the First Week of 2020 Went

The first week of the year is always tough to get focus during, and 2020 was no different. Despite that lack of focus, I managed to get most of what I set out to do this week (I outlined what I wanted to get done in my 2020 plan) done and onto their next steps.

No big updates since the plan went out, so let’s get right into it.


Goals for this week:

  • Finish replying to all emails from leads over Christmas and New Year. Start lead generation again next week.
  • Share first shot of the year on Dribbble.
  • Do some 3D experimentation and share on Twitter.
  • Finish scope and launch plan for the first UI kit.
  • Decide on a name for the upcoming pitch deck product released through SYKE CO.

Email Replies

Got this one sorted out and a plan in place for the lead generation (I’ll explain more below). A few leads in the pipeline and hopefully one of them comes through soon!

Dribbble Shot

Off the mark for the year on Dribbble with a concept I worked on over Christmas and released on New Year’s Day. Next week I want to get a couple more shots than one out.

3D Experimentation

I had some issues with the new laptop I got and have to get it repaired. So don’t have access to Cinema4D for a couple of weeks. So the 3D stuff is going on hold until I’ve got that back.

An annoying complication so early in the year, but gotta just roll with the punches and commit more energy to the other tasks.

Launch Plan for UI Kit

On the subject of committing more energy to tasks, things are progressing nicely with the banking UI kit. I have most of the scope in place and now just need to decide on a final style to apply to the wireframes.

Name for Pitch Deck Service

I’ve got a few ideas in place for this and will have a name and website page out for it next week.

Next week’s design tasks

For the next week, I want to continue pushing towards my overall design goals and progress further on the tasks from this week.

  • Start up the lead generation on LinkedIn and finish the pitch deck for outreach.
  • Get at least two Dribbble shots out. One from each of the categories I’m focusing on: iOS and pitch decks.
  • Banking UI kit progress and preview shots with final style.
  • Pitch deck productised service page set up and launched.


Goals for this week:

  • Write and publish the 2019 retrospect and 2020 plan.
  • Release first weekly log post, charting how I’ve done with the tasks set out here.
  • Plan articles for next week and write outlines.
  • 500 words a week into the iOS book.

Retrospect Article

Got this out yesterday. A little later than I’d hoped but the Christmas laziness dragged on a little longer than I’d like, so I’m playing catch up a bit. But with this log going out on time; I’m close to being back on track.

First Weekly Log Post

Since you’re reading it right now, it’s safe to say I got this one done. Good news!

Articles for Next Week

A couple of ideas scoped out I’m going to work on and hopefully release at least one of, in addition to the log post, next week.

iPhone Design Book

Wrote the rough outline and got around 100 words a day done for the opening week of the year. Excited to share more on this book as it comes together!

Next week’s writing tasks

  • Get one of those ideas I put together scoped out and released.
  • Keep up 100 words a day on the iOS design book.
  • Come back the same time next week for another weekly log and goal update article.


My one goal for the week with music was to collect and polish some of the beats I’ve been working on. I’m happy to report that was a success and you can now listen to a few of my recent beats on the Ouroboros EP I released on Soundcloud yesterday.

For next week, I’m going to get my Spotify and Youtube channels set up for future production I’ll be doing.


After a bit of thinking, I think the brand name I’m going to go with is my own: SYKE.

Especially during this early experimental stage I’m at with clothing design, I think it’s important I just focus on getting content out there; rather than deliberating too much over the name and direction.

For next week, I’m going to do a bit more experimentation with the brand direction I’ve done so far.

Wrapping Up Week One

Not much time passed between me putting the plan for 2020 out and this update article. So this time around there’s not as much stuff to cover as there will be going forward. But I’m super excited to keep track of my progress and share what I’m up to every week.

See you soon!

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