Weekly Update 002 – Refinement

Welcome to the second week of my update series. Where I journal and plan my weeks in public to keep myself accountable and share how things are going. It’s also quite useful to have a place to check to align myself with my goals if I’m ever stuck what to work on.

Early Substitutions

In the second week, I took some time to refine and revisit some of the goals I’ll be working on. No major changes. But, after having to switch out the 3D design practice due to some technical issues (as I mentioned in my first update). I thought it was worth to use that spare time slot to explore how I’ll be using my time going forward.

A couple things hit the chopping room floor. Namely the pitch deck services and shots from the design section of my plan. I decided after some thinking that while this will be an in-demand service in 2020, I’m going to stick to inbound pitch deck leads; rather than actively seeking them.

Overall, this week went well. Let’s get to breaking it down.


Goals for this week:

  • Kick off the lead generation on LinkedIn and finish the pitch deck for outreach.
  • Get at least two Dribbble shots out. One from each of the categories I’m focusing on: iOS and pitch decks.
  • Banking UI kit progress and preview shots with final style.
  • Pitch deck productised service page set up and launched.

Lead Generation

Bit slow on the uptake for this one, so the kick-off is going to bleed into next week. But I got the shape for the pitch deck down and will be working on finishing it for the next update. From there, can get a system in place and kick off the LinkedIn outreach.

Two Dribbble Shots

Got these out, but only for iOS. While I enjoy the layout challenges of working on pitch decks. They’re just too ephemeral to focus fifty percent of my energy on. So in future, it’s going to be mostly just iOS on Dribbble and I’m aiming to share things every weekday (Monday – Friday) going forwards.

Banking UI Kit Progress

I’ve decided to stick with the style I’ve been working in. As it’s a pretty good representation of the style I’ve found myself consistently using with clients over the last couple of years. Bright colours, bold fonts and curves.

Will be working on a big push for the UI kit this week. I’m hoping to be pretty close to launching by the next update. So keep an eye out for next week’s post!

Pitch Deck Service

This was just one was didn’t work out in the end. After the thinking I mentioned above, I decided to keep this offering for people who ask, rather than getting a public offering out online. Cutting this, will give me more time going forwards to focus more on other things too; which should improve the progress I’m able to make.

Next week’s design tasks

For week three, it’s mostly a continuation and pushing to get things over the link:

  • Finish the pitch deck design for outreach. Finalise message template for LinkedIn.
  • iOS design Dribbble shots for practice and publicity. Monday to Friday.
  • Finish the layout of all screens in the Banking UI Kit and start to polish document for delivery.


Goals for this week:

  • Get one of those ideas I put together scoped out and released.
  • Keep up 100 words a day on the iOS design book.
  • Come back the same time next week for another weekly log and goal update article.

Publish an Article

Failed this one and need to get better going forward. I got a few drafts pretty close, but I didn’t get anything released. This week, I’m going to make sure I release at least TWO articles, to catch up. I’m still finding my voice with these, so the topic doesn’t matter. I just need to get writing to be a habit.

100 Words a Day on iOS Design Book

Blew this one out of the water and already 5,000 words into the book (maybe that’s why none of those articles got finished šŸ˜). Hoping to be able to keep up the momentum on this one. I’d planned to slowly chip away at this over the year. But I may now be able to get it out sooner and work on a second book in 2020.

Weekly Log Post

āœ… – Going to take this out of the posts going forward and keep it in my calendar.

Next week’s writing tasks

  • Release at least two blog articles. Grow my writing habit.
  • Keep up good daily progress on the iOS design book.


After releasing a tape of beats on Soundcloud last week, I haven’t had too much time to practice. This week, I’m going to make sure I carve out more time for music; so I can hopefully share an update next week on this front.


I think clothing may be one context switch too far at the moment. This week, I’m going to put this on the back-burner to make sure I’m on track with everything else.

Wrapping Up Week Two

Only two weeks in and I’m already learning a lot about how planning is super important to getting things done. Not only that but planning in public helps me stay accountable; even if it’s just to myself.

I also learned the plan needed some adjustments and an element of rotation between to tasks, to save from burnout. We’ll see how I can cycle things in and out of the plan every week as I get more consistent with my habits.

See you next week šŸ’–

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