Weekly Update 003 – Distillation

Three weeks into the update series and I’m getting into the swing of things and learning what is and isn’t going to work in my plan.

A Few More Tweaks

As I touched on in my second post, I’m open to making substitutions and adjustments to my plans. This week I came around to realising that I just wasn’t going to commit time to reach out to people on LinkedIn. Every time it came around in my calendar I’d push it back or move it to another day. So I’m going to cut it in favour of releasing more content.

With that, let’s get to breaking this week down and taking a look at how I’ve been using my time.


Goals for this week:

  • Finish the pitch deck design for outreach. Finalise message template for LinkedIn.
  • iOS design Dribbble shots for practice and publicity. Monday to Friday.
  • Finish the layout of all screens in the Banking UI Kit and start to polish document for delivery.

LinkedIn Outreach

As I mentioned above, this one just isn’t getting kicked off at the moment and falls behind other things in the priority. So I’m putting this on the shelf for a while. I’m getting a lot of inbound leads at the moment so the time is better spent elsewhere.

Five Dribbble Shots

I’ve gotten quite a few enquiries from Dribbble since moving to post more frequently in December. This week I got shots out every weekday and want to keep up that schedule going forward and use it as an outlet for practising my design skills more.

Banking UI Kit Progress

Hoping to have this released in the next couple of days. I’ve just got to finish up the preview images and do a few final tweaks but it’s almost there! It should be out there in the wild by next week’s update. But I’ll post here and over on Twitter when it’s officially out.

Next week’s design tasks

For week four, it’s all about content:

  • Release the UI Kit and do some promotion for it.
  • Keep up the Monday through Friday Dribbble shots for practice and publicity.
  • Decide on a theme and start up the next UI Kit.


Goals for this week:

  • Release at least two blog articles. Grow my writing habit.
  • Keep up good daily progress on the iOS design book.

Two Articles Released

It got close to the wire, but I did it. I got two posts out on the blog this week in addition to my weekly updates. I’m going to carry this same goal forward into the coming week. My aim is that, like with Dribbble, I’m able to build this into a regular content stream; while improving my writing.

100 Words a Day on iOS Design Book

At around 6000 words on the book. But the more of this book I write, the more I wonder about if it should instead be a course. As design is so hands-on, it’s more difficult to explain the concepts than it is to show them. Something to keep in mind and I may find myself releasing it alongside a course when the time comes around, or even switching focus to working on a different book and look to release the iOS Design stuff as a course.

Next week’s writing tasks

  • Two more articles released on the blog. Keeping on track to build a writing habit in 2020.
  • Decide on the direction of the iOS Design Book and if it’s becoming a course. Stay tuned for an update next week!


I worked on a song a day this week to get back into the swing of things and will hopefully get back into the groove with sharing more beats again after getting past this busy January I’m having.

Wrapping Up Week Three

I have been keeping things trucking along quite nicely. These weekly logs have been super useful in keeping myself accountable and on track.

Super excited to get the UI Kit released this week and to have a product out in the world.

See you next week 💖

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update 003 – Distillation”

  1. This is awesome, man. I love reading how you’re progressing and adapting towards knocking out goals. I’m curious how you fit the revenue projects into this? A lot of these goals (perhaps sans music?) seem lead driven. All of this seems like a lot of work. How much time do you think you’re dedicating to responding to and completing leads/client projects?

    1. Hey Nick, thanks for getting in touch and the kind words! Appreciate you reading.

      The goals I outline in these articles are what I get up to outside of my main revenue generating client projects. I spend the majority of my time doing client work and work on these things in the moments between or when I’m feeling creative in my spare time.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and I’d be happy to answer, or explain in an article.

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