Weekly Update 005 – Breakthrough

The transition into February has been a pretty good one for me. I finally got around to doing a big promotional push for my first book, Landing Page 101. As a result of some good timing and luck, the book got to number one on Product Hunt πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

I’ll be reinvesting pretty much all of the profits made on this into advertising for the book. I’ll post an update on how those are going in a few weeks.

Five weeks in here on the weekly update and already seeing some solid results from my activity in 2020.

Let’s break down how it went.

Staying Active

This isn’t staying active like going to the gym or for a run. It is activity in the sense of consistently releasing work and spreading the word about my craft.

On that note, I’m happy to announce that next week my newsletter will be returning. I ran the newsletter daily for a few months back in 2019. Sharing tips on working remotely, freelance design and productivity in general.

Will have the list kicked back up and a form on the blog very soon. So keep an eye out. Super excited to get this going again.

Let’s get going breaking down my tasks from this week and how the plans went.


Goals for this week:

  • Keep up the regular updates on Dribbble and work in at least 2 animation posts to this week. Starting to build up a habit of improving and sharing my motion skills.
  • Style experimentation for the new UI kit.
  • Work on a couple of free UI kit ideas to release online for promotion and traffic.

Regular Dribbble Updates

Spent a bit more time this week working with web and animation over on my Dribbble. It was interesting to spend more time in After Effects and as I move back to posting more iOS again; I’m going to do some animation experiments for that too.

UI Kit Work

I got a bit caught up in the promotion of the book and didn’t get much done on the UI kit front. This coming week, I’m going to put this on pause for another week to get back on track posting iPhone design concepts on Dribbble, and some extra work on writing.

The kicking off of the book and the excitement of my upcoming free books I’ll be releasing this month means that I’ll need to put a little less energy into the UI kits for a couple of weeks while I get my writing goals completed.

Next week’s design tasks

For week six, the only active design tasks outside of client work will be my Dribbble posting. I’m still going to be planning out ideas for the UI kits, but I won’t be putting in the craft to build them until the two free books are out; ahead of the next generation of products.


Goals for this week:

  • Continue the two articles-a-week writing habit.
  • Start work on the outline for the free website audit book.
  • Write a scope for the Remote Craft free book.
  • BONUS: Promotion for my last book: Landing Page 101.

Two Articles-A-Week Writing Habit

Pleased that I’ve gotten pretty consistent with releasing articles again. Going to keep the same two-times-a-week schedule moving forward and have built up a pretty good bank of around 70+ solid draft post ideas that I’ll be working through (and probably expanding) as the year goes on.

The more that I write and learn about how to articulate what I learn, the more I enjoy it, and I’m still working on a plan to get a course out this year too, to keep spreading my thoughts.

Back on the topic of this week’s blog posts though, here’s what I released:

Start Work On ‘Website Audit’ Free Book Outline

Got the rough outline in place for the structure of this book. I did a lot more work on the Remote Craft book, but here’s the draft outline for the Free Website Design Audit book:

  1. An Introduction – What it says on the tin. An introduction on
  2. The Power Of Your Landing Page – The importance of the website your visitors find you on and what it does for you.
  3. Targeting Your Offering – What can you offer to your customers? Once we’ve worked that out. We’ll talk about how you can present it perfectly to impress the most important people.
  4. Show Your Best Side – Now you know what you’ll be contributing to your audience, let’s look at how you can present it in a perfect light to your potential customers.
  5. Your Current Website – Here, we break down your existing landing page and how we can take the knowledge we’ve learned so far to supercharge your site to take it to the next level right NOW!
  6. Pro Tips – I’ve been at this website design shit for over a decade. Here are my essential tips to keep in mind before you launch.
  7. What Next? – Now you’ve got your landing page polished, what’s next in your journey?

Scope Out & Kick Off The ‘Starting Your Remote Career’ Free Book

Got this kicked off and carried forward the momentum I had built writing the iOS book I’m translating into a course at the moment.

This book is intended to help take someone from zero to one in their remote career. And instead of my usual writing perspective of a designer; in this book, I work on many examples of a “standard” technology job: an account manager.

So far, I’ve gotten about 3,000 words down on this one. I’ll share the outline next week as I’m still finalising the end structure of the book.

Hoping to have not just this book but the website audit book out during this month. Keep watch for updates and the outline next week.

BONUS: Promotion for Landing Page 101

Got some excellent traffic in on the website this week, with my traffic getting a significant bump from releasing the book over on Product Hunt. This uptick in traffic and sales has given me a massive burst of motivation for the other books I’ll be releasing soon.

Next week’s writing tasks

  • Finish the scope for the ‘Starting Your Remote Career’ and continue work on the book.
  • Do some research to see if I need to adjust the ‘Free Website Design Audit’ book outline.
  • Two more articles for here on the blog to keep my writing habit going.
  • Finalise outline for the iOS design course.

Music & Clothing

Still stuck in the same place as I was last week and in week 3. Working to keep all my client projects and main tasks on track. So still got this one on hold while I keep the ship on course.

Hoping to find more time soon. I did actually take the weekend off, but I spent that playing Moonlighter. I’d highly recommend it!

Wrapping Up Week Five

Still can’t believe how fast this year has gone by and the fact that we’re already in February. But the resurgence of the book has me AMPED (despite tax season having just passed again). Super excited to keep sharing my progress in these log posts and exploring how to best spend my time outside of client projects.

See you next week and keep an eye out for the newsletter (re)launch πŸ‘‹

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