Weekly Update 006 – Focus

Six weeks into the year and still trucking along. Things are going well on the client side of things, and I’m actually about to wrap up a big project; so if you are reading this and need some design help, get in touch. I’ll share more on the design of that project once it’s into development, excited to show you.

In other news, I’ve announced that this year Gumroad will be my valentine. After the exceptional performance of my book, Landing Page 101, last week; they’ll be sending me a gift (not really, just a payout; but still 🎉).

Last up in the headlines for this week is I’ve released a FREE book on setting the stage correctly for your independent creator journey. You can grab it here.

Settling Into 2020

As the year has progressed, I’ve seen the effects that the actions I take and the time I invest have had. The amount of work I’ve been releasing has also given me some useful data on what motivates me and how I can effectively use my creativity when it strikes.

This week, there are a few adjustments to the plans going forward that I’m hoping will put some solid foundations in place for me to release more high-quality content in the future.

Today (in the context of this being posted), also marks the return of my newsletter. So if you want my tips and ideas on remote working, freelancing, design and my secrets to productivity in your inbox, be sure to sign up.

With that, let’s get to breaking down how this week went and the adjustments to my goals and plans I’ll be making.


Goals for this week:

This week, I was supposed to continue my daily sharing over on my Dribbble.

However, I made an executive decision to fail this goal this week. Let me explain myself…

As much as I dislike failure, I hate burnout more.

I’ve been working on a lot of different things recently and have been helping out my clients to solve a whole bunch of design solutions. By the time I was getting around to Dribbble shots, I was all designed out. So I’m going to take a couple of weeks away from the Dribbble posting and focus my spare time towards improving my writing further and bring back working on more music and clothing (and something else new) for at least the coming week.

With that, let’s get into writing; where I made some great progress this week.


Goals for this week:

  • Finish the scope for the ‘Starting Your Remote Career’ and continue work on the book.
  • Do some research to see if I need to adjust the ‘Free Website Design Audit’ book outline.
  • Two more articles for here on the blog to keep my writing habit going.
  • Finalise outline for the iOS design course.
  • BONUS: Bring back the newsletter.

‘Starting Your Remote Career’ Free Book

As you potentially saw above, I didn’t just get this outlined. I also got it written in its entirety, formatted and released.

So while I may have failed to keep up my Dribbble habit, I blew this one out of the water; so I think it balances out. Head over to the quick landing page I put together and grab yourself a copy.

Going forward, I want to keep growing my writing habit and keep releasing books and guides.

On that note.

Finish ‘Free Website Design Audit’ Book Outline

The layout I touched on last week has been working pretty well so far. Going to keep pressing on with that and hopefully have another free book out by the end of February. Should have another progress update on this one for next week.

Two More Blog Articles

Keeping the consistency going over here on the blog. Happy to be growing the writing habit I’m building in 2020 and share more of my thoughts. Here’s what I shared this week:

The Key To Good Design Feedback – In this article, I outline common errors made when providing or receiving feedback and how they can be nipped in the bud early, though carefully planning a schedule and structure.

Nothing Is Original – Something I’ve struggled with a lot as I’ve worked to share more online is maintaining a constant stream of ideas to be working on and publishing. This article is about how to adapt and change existing ideas to make them fresh and exciting again.

Finish Outline for iOS Design Course

Still working on getting this one right, but should have things tied up by next week and then can break down how I’m going to get the course recorded and released.

BONUS: Return of the Newsletter

As I mentioned in the introduction to this post, I’ve brought back the newsletter for the first time since last summer. This time, it’s weekly and will feature thoughts on stories on how you can be more successful. Excited to bring this back and get to sharing it every single week.

Next week’s writing tasks

  • Finish the scope for the ‘Free Website Design Audit’ and start work on the book.
  • At least two more articles for here on the blog to keep my writing habit going.
  • Finalise outline and plan for the iOS design course.


Since I’m going to be taking a week or two away from Dribbble to focus my design energy solely on my clients, I’m going to have some time spare.

In that time I’m going to work on finishing some of the beats I’ve been working on recently and get them released. I’ll probably then take a while to work on clothing and dedicate more time to the video projects I’m planning.

Wrapping Up Week Six

Almost 10% way through the year already. Crazy.

I’ve been staying focused, though and keeping my content regular. Hoping to see the results keep coming to light from my hard work.

I’ll see you next week. I look forward to it.

Have a productive one.

Jamie ✌️

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