Weekly Update 007 – Habitual

2020 is going fast as hell. The last week absolutely flew by, it feels like just yesterday I was writing update six. But can’t get too caught up in that, because there’s work to be done.

After the numerous adjustments last week, this time around things are more on track. I’m working hard to build up the habits that will help me reach the goals I have for this year.

Let’s get into what I’ve been working on this week.


As I mentioned in my 6th weekly update, I’m taking a couple of weeks away from Dribbble. I have a bunch of client work I need to get sorted out at the moment and want to dedicate my spare time away from design as I explore what I want to do more of.

So with that, let’s get onto how my writing went this week.


Goals for this week:

  • Finish the scope for the ‘Free Website Design Audit’ and start work on the book.
  • At least two more articles for here on the blog to keep my writing habit going.
  • Finalise outline and plan for the iOS design course.

‘Web Design Audit’ Free Book

After last week, when I released my first free book of 2020, Remote Foundations; I kept the same pace and got my second out this week. While I had only planned to scope it out, I once again got the whole thing written, formatted and released.

Giving myself space from design during my moonlight hours for a few weeks has been super effective for increasing my writing output. I’m not going to be releasing a book a week or anything crazy but I have one more free one I want to get released before I get my head down into the larger remote book. I’ll talk about that quickly in the “Next Week’s Goals” section a little bit further on, but first…

Two More Blog Articles

Another two articles released this week and think I’ve pretty much cemented the habit I wanted to of regularly releasing written content this year. Going forwards, I’m going to keep this going and also add in another weekly element alongside the log and two articles as I’ll be sharing the story from the newsletter the week after I share it to my subscribers. Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

Back on the topic of blog posts, here’s what I shared this week:

Stop Giving Up Too Soon – Here, I talk about why a lack of planning is causing you not to follow through on your goals.

What Makes a Productive Designer & Client Relationship? – This one does what it says on the tin. In this article, I outline the core components of a successful accord between you and your clients.

Finish Outline for iOS Design Course

With the extra work I put in getting the new version of the free website audit book, 1 Hour to a Better Landing Page; I still didn’t get this one finished. But I’m going to continue work on it this week with an aim to having it locked down so I can start recording on it before the end of the month.

Next week’s writing tasks

  • Finalise outline and plan for the iOS design course.
  • Two more articles out and re-share the story from the newsletter over here on the blog.
  • Start outline for “iOS App Design Audit” free book.


Got eight beats finished and going to work on some visuals for them in After Effects this week before getting them released. I’ll then likely take a break from music for a few months as I focus on clothing again and recording the courses I have planned to release as I move into more video content.

Wrapping Up Week Seven

A bit of a shorter update this week as I focused most of my writing power over on the newsletter and new free book. I look forward to getting the third and final free book out soon and to keep growing my positive habits.

I’ll see you next week. I look forward to it.

Have a good one.

Jamie ✌️

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