Weekly Update: 008 – Status Check

I kept things quite light last week as I was wrapping up some client work I’ll hopefully share soon over on Dribbble. I also wanted to give myself some mental space for the last few weeks of February to plan things out going forward after a crazy busy start to the year and a massive uptick in my content output.

Let’s break down those plans I’ve been working on for the coming couple of months and see how they align with my goals from the start of this year. I’ll then talk through what I’ve been working on over the past week; and what I’ll be working on in the coming one.

How Things Are Progressing

In my first post of the year, I preceded these weekly log posts by outlining the goals I had for 2020. Here’s them from a high-level a section at a time, with a high level breakdown of how shit has been going. I’ll then work to expand and adapt them based on what I’ve learned so far this year in the next section.



  • Dribbble: Post design (mostly iOS) experiments regularly.
  • 3D and Animation – Practice and improve my skills.
  • Release a course on iOS design.
  • Release a free book on iOS app design.
  • Work on some UI kits.

So far, I’m reasonably on course with my design goals for the year. I’m still waiting to kick off the 3D stuff fully as I’ve had a couple of technical issues I should have resolved soon, but the others I’ve either made progress on or have plans in place to work on them.

My plans for Dribbble got off to a good start, but I ramped up my sharing too quickly and ended up needing to take a break so I could use my design “power” for the day with my clients. I’ll bring back Dribbble at the start of March though; so keep an eye out.

While I haven’t yet released the free iOS design book I wanted, I’ve published two other free books (one to help put the remote foundations in place for your career, and a remaster of my “1 Hour to a Better Landing Page” book. I got out a UI kit too. Along with that forthcoming free book to audit iOS apps, I’m working on the plan for the course too. So things in design are all pretty much on track.

Good times.


My goals for the year for writing were probably the most off. I had mostly forgotten how much I enjoyed writing, so this is the place I’m overachieving the most.


  • Share a weekly log post update to detail my progress on the plans I’m working on.
  • Publish at least one article a week.
  • Get 500 words a week done towards iOS book.

These goals have evolved a bunch since my initial planning eight weeks ago. I’ve released twice as many blog posts as I’ve planned and got out two free books to help with general promotion; I’m now also working on another free book to precede the iOS course. Gotta keep the content flowing. Things evolved super quickly here after I got kicked off with the initial plans I made, and I ended up getting much more done than I expected.

Remember in your own ideas to always be willing to adapt when new information comes to light. The above is an excellent example of this and a great lesson about how small actions can unlock larger opportunities and passions.



  • Invest more of my spare time in making music.
  • Continue releasing musical experiments and beats over on Soundcloud.
  • Set up a YouTube channel to do some visual experimentations along with beats.

Out of the two leisure activities I wanted to progress with in 2020, this is the one where I have made the most headway. I’ve been regularly working on advancing my beat making ability and recently released a few of my beats over on YouTube under the name SIN.

Will be sharing more over the coming weeks and hopefully can keep improving my ability with making music.


I didn’t have any specific goals for this one and just wanted to experiment a little more with making my own clothing in my free time. But I’ve found as the year progresses that I’m just not finding the hours to dedicate here. So I’m going to put this on hold for a while and double down on my other goals.

The Next Eight Weeks

We’re 15% of the way into the year, and I’m glad that I am taking some time to review things and keep shit on the right track. For the next eight weeks, I want to introduce the following into my plans:

  • Dribbble return to posting 1-2 times a week from March.
  • Keep up with sharing the weekly newsletter until it’s a habit, just like this log has become.
  • Keep up 2 weekly blog posts (and newsletter repost).
  • Music with visuals at least once a week as SIN.
  • For the log – Stopping splitting things up by category and just have a set of goals per week. Keep the separation for the /now page. Start this today.
  • Make a YouTube video a week from March and make a course on iOS design. I want to show more of the specific process as well as the thought that I share here on the blog.

With those in mind, let’s get into what happened this week.

How Things Went This Week

As I spent a lot of this week planning, it felt like I didn’t get a lot done. But I know it’ll pay dividends down the line.

Outside of work, I spent far too much time playing Pokémon Sword and finally got my Pokédex completed 400/400 and traded for a shiny Charizard on Pokémon Home.

What an effective use of my time 🙄

Anyway. Let’s get into what USEFUL stuff I got up to outside of client projects this week.

My Goals for Last Week

  • Plan my return to posting on Dribbble again in March after a couple of weeks off.
  • Finalise outline and plan for the iOS design course.
  • Two more articles out and re-share the story from the newsletter over here on the blog.
  • Plan outline for “iOS App Design Audit” free book.
  • Release some of the beats I’ve been working on with visuals.

As I mentioned above, I’m switching up the format here on the log going forward to be a bit more efficient, detailing all the goals at once, then breaking them down one by one; before getting into my plan for next week and wrapping up.

Return to Dribbble Plan

After taking a few weeks away, I’ve had the time to think more about what I want to share and how frequently. Instead of posting super regularly going forward with daily or Monday to Friday, I’m going to work to put out 1-2 posts a week, so I don’t get jaded or burnt out. To help along this greasing of the wheels in keeping me motivated on posting, I’m not going to put any constraints on what I’ll share for now and just work to getting a regular weekly schedule in place from the start of the March.

iOS Design Course Outline

I’ve got this finished and now will be working on writing the script. Once I’ve got that in place, I’ll share a bigger update and release timelines.

Writing Activity

With the return of the newsletter, I’ve added a third post to the weekly routine here (albeit a week after it’s shared with my subscribers) on the blog. Here’s what I posted this week:

  • How To Build Counter Habits – The first newsletter, a week and a day after it came out. In this post, I talk about something I’ve been exploring recently; which is where I introduce counters to my negative habits to trigger me into being more productive.
  • Keep Repeating Yourself – Here, I detail the importance of repetition in success with content and your overall goals.
  • 3 Key Tips On How To Be More Productive Working From Home Remotely – This one is pretty much as the title says. After over 12 years of working remotely and from home, I share my best tips on being your most productive.

Plan For Free iOS App Design Audit Book

Got the outline for this written and hoping to get some solid work into it over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, have a look at my other free books.

Release Music With Visuals

As you saw in the videos above, I got this one done, and I’m going to work to share a beat and visual every week going forward.

My Goals for Next Week

  • Dribbble shots in queue ready for getting back to posting in March.
  • Blog posts and newsletter repost. Keeping up the three times a week posting schedule.
  • Write the weekly newsletter going out later today. Sign up if you haven’t already.
  • Release another beat and visual on Youtube.
  • Work more on the free iOS design audit book.
  • Plan video content (iOS course first).

I’m working to spread out regular content in a couple of different places now as I get more consistent and into the groove of things. It’s a lot of work, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Wrapping Up Week Eight

A new format this week, it’s more streamlined and jumps back and forth in time a lot less than my previous iterations.

Excited to have a productive week, I hope you have one too. See you at the same time next week. I look forward to it.

Have a good one.

Jamie ✌️

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